boise-skyline2I reply immediately to all requests and inquiries but there are times when I do not get a response.  That may be because you have chosen someone else, but I believe that my emails may be going into your spam folder.  I don’t have a clever email handle, it is just my name, so please check your spam folder to see if the email is in there.  Do not hesitate to contact me as many times as it takes through this website.  I want to talk to every person who contacts me.  Be persistent!

For the fastest service, please include your phone number when you first contact me.  If I see a phone number I will call as soon as I see the message.




I have been approached a few times asking how far I will travel to perform a wedding.  I have no difficulty traveling; we just need to work out the details.

It is your wedding so  let’s talk and make plans!

If you have any questions about travel please contact me.