Short Notice OK

There have been times when I received very short notice that a couple needed an official.  In one instance I was asked if I was available and when I asked when they would like to have the wedding they said, “We are picking the license up at 8, can you be available at 8:30”?

I said “Of course!” and we met in a local park and it was a very intimate wedding in a beautiful setting.

Circumstances often dictate when a wedding must take place.  The only set-in-stone requirement is the license.   After "I Do"With that in hand a wedding can take place ten minutes later or 10 months later.  My fee is listed on this site.

I can be available on short notice in 99% of the cases.  I encourage those who have a small window of opportunity for a wedding to contact me.  We’ll work it out!   If you need to reach me quickly please include your phone number when you first contact me so that we do not need several email exchanges to connect.  If you include your phone number I will call soon after I see the message.