Short Notice OK

There have been times when I received very short notice that a couple needed an official.  In one instance I was asked if I was available and when I asked when they would like to have the wedding they said, “We are picking the license up at 8, can you be available at 8:30”?

I said “Of course!” and we met in a local park and it was a very intimate wedding in a beautiful setting.

Circumstances often dictate when a wedding must take place.  The only set-in-stone requirement is the license.   After "I Do"With that in hand a wedding can take place ten minutes later or 10 months later.  My fee is listed on this site.

I can be available on short notice in 99% of the cases.  I encourage those who have a small window of opportunity for a wedding to contact me.  We’ll work it out!   If you need to reach me quickly please include your phone number when you first contact me so that we do not need several email exchanges to connect.  If you include your phone number I will call soon after I see the message.



boise-skyline2I reply immediately to all requests and inquiries but there are times when I do not get a response.  That may be because you have chosen someone else, but I believe that my emails may be going into your spam folder.  I don’t have a clever email handle, it is just my name, so please check your spam folder to see if the email is in there.  Do not hesitate to contact me as many times as it takes through this website.  I want to talk to every person who contacts me.  Be persistent!

For the fastest service, please include your phone number when you first contact me.  If I see a phone number I will call as soon as I see the message.



I have been approached a few times asking how far I will travel to perform a wedding.  I have no difficulty traveling; we just need to work out the details.

It is your wedding so  let’s talk and make plans!

If you have any questions about travel please contact me.



Book Now!

Alice Garrett

Alice & Garrett, May 2016

Just by contacting me you can reserve a date and then get on with all of the other plans. That way you can at least put one of the pieces of the beautiful puzzle of your wedding in place and then build around it.

I have had multiple requests for one weekend and the couple who books first is assured of a wedding minister.  Just like you are making a promise to one another, I am making a promise that I will not overbook or cancel a booking.

Contact me just as soon as you decide on a date!


Getting Married in Boise?

cropped-boise-skyline4.jpgHi! I’m Jon Marcotte and I am a wedding official in Boise, Idaho. In early 2012 I was asked to perform the marriage of the son of a dear friend. I had a wonderful time getting to know the couple and helping them decide the details of the wedding ceremony. The wedding was held at Barber Park and was a beautiful event start to finish.  I was honored to be asked to perform the marriage and it made me realize that I truly enjoy being a wedding official.

Some who perform weddings have their own idea of how a marriage ceremony should be structured or celebrated and are reluctant to let the couples express themselves in the ceremony.

I have officiated at a backyard wedding where the groom’s dog was the ring-bearer! What could be more joyful and meaningful than allowing the ceremony to perfectly reflect the personalities of the couple? Whether you want a religious ceremony, or a simple non-religious event, the joy of your love needs to be acknowledged and celebrated and I will be more than happy to make the ceremony reflect that.

If you are planning a wedding, or know someone who is, I would like to talk about the possibility of working together. Please contact me through this website.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!