Where will the ceremony take place?

Your wedding day is one of the most exciting and important days of your life – so where do you want it to take place? I believe you should celebrate it in a place that carries significance for you.

Many couples choose to have their wedding in a church either out of their own preference or from pressure from family. But you have to be an active, contributing member to use some church facilities. We can work together to find a church if that is your desire.

Still other couples like the idea of an outdoors wedding or a non-traditional site; on a mountain top or in a meadow, in a park or their own backyard. Wherever you choose to have it I’ll be happy to be there with you.  The above image was from a small park in Eagle, Idaho.


10 thoughts on “Where will the ceremony take place?

    • Hi Jessica:
      I sent an email but I did not hear from you. Please look in your spam folder to see if there is an email from Jon Marcotte. If not, please reply here and we can work out a meeting time and place.

  1. My daughter and fiancé are coming into town next week. Only parents will be attending, wanted outdoor wedding, but the weather… Any ideas for a last minute venue, availablity on Nov 17?

    • Hi Kathleen:
      The state capital building is free, and warm! I have had several weddings there. I am available that day.
      Look for an email from me with my contact information if you want to talk about other venues or to make plans.
      Thanks for contacting me!

  2. Hi there,

    My fiance and I are residing in Charleston, SC however I am from Idaho. We are coming to visit my family for a week Jan 21-jan 26 and are looking to “Elope” just the two of us at Still Water Hollow in Nampa, Idaho. Still Water Hollow is supposed to contact me tomorrow with a day and time either Thursday Jan 21, or Friday Jan 22., If they have a time slot available for a ceremony in their chapel would you be interested in doing the ceremony? I told the owner via email that the day and time are COMPLETELY flexible. It will be EXTREMELY SIMPLE, just a 15 minute ceremony or so for the two of us.

    What would your price be, would it be flat rate $150 or less? It is in Nampa Idaho, as I stated above. Is there any way you would consider doing this?

    This is VERY last minute, but any information you may have to share would be fantastic!! Thank you so much for your response.

    • Hi Cara!
      Congrats on your plans! I sent you a message via my cell phone last night but in case you did not get it I wanted to let you know that I am free and can absolutely perform the ceremony. Please look for an email from me with my cell number and give me a call when you can.
      Looking forward to meeting with you.

    • Hi Erica:
      Yes, I can perform weddings in Oregon and would be happy to drive to Ontario. I would ask that a small amount be added to my fee for gas expenses, but we can discuss that when we talk more. Look for an email from me soon.

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